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Modify An Award/Contract & Other Actions

On this page you can learn how to check the status of your agreement, modify an existing grant or contract, obtain prior approval from a Sponsor, request a No-Cost Extension, and how to transfer your awards if you are leaving JHU.

Check the Status of My Agreement

  • For contracts, first check MyRap which should have information on the most current action taken on your agreement.
  • For grant proposals or agreements, please contact the ORA Grants Associate that supports your department.
    • Click here for commercial clinical research agreement contacts (CRC office) or here for all other sponsored research agreement contacts (ORA-MRB Office).

Modify an Agreement

Except for Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements, a COEUS record is required to formally modify an agreement. The COEUS Proposal Type will be Supplement, Continuation, Administrative Action, or Negotiation Only* depending on the type of modification requested. The process should proceed just like that of a new agreement.

*The Negotiation Only proposal type should only be used for contracts.

Obtain Prior Approval from a Sponsor

Any action requiring prior approval from a sponsor (e.g. approval of a foreign component under an NIH award, carryover requests, effort or PI changes) should be routed through ORA and submitted by your ORA representative.  For general information on requesting prior approvals under NIH awards, click here. For NIH prior approval requirements, click here.

Below are ORA templates for some of the most common prior approval request types:

Request a No-cost Extension

No-cost extensions will extend the period of an existing award with no additional funding.  Proposals for no cost extensions must be submitted through COEUS as an Administrative Action.  Unless the no-cost extension is automatic, the sponsor/funder must consent to the no-cost extension proposal before ORA can workflow. For non-federal extension, written documentation from the sponsor that confirms the new end date is required. Use the NIH NCE request form for first time NIH no-cost extension requests and the 2nd NCE request template for all other extension requests.

Leave Johns Hopkins and Transfer my Grants/Contracts

Please contact ORA to let us know that you will be departing JHU.  Guidance for Investigators Related to their Research upon Leaving Johns Hopkins University is found here.

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