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Proposals & Applications: FAQs

  • I am a federally-funded investigator and have a post-doc working in my lab who is funded by a foreign institution. The post-doc is not working on any federally funded research projects. Do I still need to disclose the post-doc on my Other Support disclosure?

    Yes.   The post-doc’s effort is an in-kind resource that needs to be disclosed on your Other Support. Please consult our Current and Pending Support page for more details.

  • What Facilities and Administration rate should I use?

    F & A rates are negotiated rates and are based on activity type (Organized Research, Other Sponsored Activity, Instruction) and whether the work takes place on or off campus.  Our current rates are found here.

  • When is my proposal or application due to ORA?

    For applications with a sponsor-imposed due date, complete and final applications are due to ORA at least 3 business days prior to submission due date. ORA cannot guarantee a thorough review of any applications submitted less than 3 business prior to the sponsor’s due date.

    You can find deadline guidance here.

  • Who can be a Principal Investigator on an application?

    Generally only those with a full time paid faculty appointment can serve as Principal Investigator on a sponsored award. Consult the JHU Faculty Gold Book for information on faculty appointments.

  • Who is authorized to sign and submit proposals and to execute awards on behalf of the University?

    Only staff in ORA who have delegated authority are authorized submitters and signatories for proposals and awards. Click here to view the signature authority letter.

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