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School of Medicine Office of Research Administration
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Information for Proposal Preparation

Deadline Policy: For applications with a sponsor-imposed due date, complete and final applications are due to ORA at least 3 business days prior to submission due date. ORA cannot guarantee a thorough review of any applications submitted less than 3 business days prior to the sponsor’s due date.

Institution Name: Johns Hopkins University

(Note: “School of Medicine” is part of our address, not our Institution Name.)

Private Institution of Higher Education incorporated 1876

 Administrative Office for Notification Purposes:

Office of Research Administration
School of Medicine
733 N. Broadway, Suite 117
Baltimore, MD 21205-1832

[T] 410-955-3061

Animal Welfare Assurance Number: D16-00173 (A3272-01)

 Authorized Official:

Thomas F. Burns, JD, MBA
Associate Dean for Research Affairs,
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine and
Executive Director, Research Administration
Signing Officials vary by Proposal: See signature authority here

Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE): 5L406

 Cognizant Federal Agency:                  

Steven Zuraf
DHHS, Region III
P.O. Box 13716
[T] 301-492-4855

Email: [email protected]

Conflict of Interest Assurance: filed 6/17/05

Congressional District: Seventh. (NIH format: MD-007)

Contractor’s Establishment Code (CEC): 87957134H

Federal Employer (Tax) ID Number: 52-0595110 (NIH format: 1520595110A5)

Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE)#: 002077

Fiscal Officer:

Tracy Wayman
Johns Hopkins at Keswick
Sponsored Projects Shared Services
3910 Keswick Road, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21211

[T] 443-997- 8151
[F]: 443-997-8419

Email: [email protected]

Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance Number: FWA00005752 (SOM).

For others see:

Institutional Profile # (IPF#): 4134401

Misconduct in Science Assurance: Filed November 4, 2021

North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS): 611310

Participant Identification Code (PIC) Number (for European Commission funding opportunities): 998267741

Registered in SAM: Yes. Exp. 10/30/2024

Representative: Kweisi Mfume

Senators: Benjamin Cardin, Chris Van Hollen

Technology Transfer contact for applications (if required for submission):

Peter A. Sheppard
Director of Contracts and IP Operations
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
1812 Ashland Ave, Suite 110
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 410-614-2814
Email: [email protected]

Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Number: FTMTDMBR29C7

Please note that the federal government no longer uses DUNS Numbers to uniquely identify entities and now uses UEI numbers instead. The JHU UEI number above should be used on all proposals submitted on or after April 4, 2022.
For historical reference, JHU’s DUNS number was: 00-191-0777; DUNS +4: 0000

Our Offices

School of Medicine Office of Research Administration
East Baltimore Office

Miller Research Building, Suite 117
733 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205

P: 410-955-3061


School of Medicine Office of Research Administration
Clinical Research Contracting and
Clinical Research Support Services

P: 667-208-8910

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