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Tilghman Traveling Fellowship Guidelines

Established in 1976 by Dr. and Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman, this traveling fellowship is to be awarded annually to young members of the Medical Faculty to assist them during a sabbatical leave of up to one year to travel outside the Baltimore area to pursue new theories, methods and techniques in their chosen discipline.


Both full and part time members of the Medical Faculty are eligible for consideration. The recipient must be a native born citizen of the United States and those applicants proposing studies which have a clinical application will be given the strongest consideration.

Use of Funds:

A maximum of $15,000 can be awarded each year to one or more applicants. The funds are to be used toward travel, living expenses, and tuition costs for up to a one year period. No salary or research costs may be paid by these funds.

Selection Process and Due Date:

Applications will be reviewed and approved or disapproved as they are received, by a committee consisting of the Dean of the Medical Faculty, the Vice Dean for Faculty, the Vice Dean for Research, the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation, the Associate Dean for Research Administration, and the Directors of the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics. Applications can be submitted at anytime, but should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the proposed travel.

Application Format:

Applications should be sent to the Committee in a letter format, addressed to Thomas Burns, Committee Secretary.  Send an electronic copy to Karen Falter (  The application should include the following information:

Proposed Study Plan

  • Relevancy to Applicant’s Career
  • Where, when and with whom study is proposed
  • How salary will be supported or waived during the sabbatical
  • Budget for use of the funds requested

Supporting Information: (attach to the original and each copy of the application letter)

  • Current curriculum vitae and bibliography
  • One copy of one or two relevant publications
  • Letter of endorsement from Department Director
  • Optional letter of endorsement from an additional Senior Faculty member

If you have any questions regarding the Tilghman Traveling Fellowship or the application process, please contact  Karen Falter at 410-361-8342 or by email at

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